Chinese Tuition Singapore

Mr Sim is one of the leading Ministry of Education (MOE) trained educator in Singapore with over 30 years of experience teaching Chinese Language.

As an ex-Head of Department for the Chinese Language in Kong Hwa Primary School - a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in Singapore, he is well versed in the MOE Chinese Language syllabus and experienced in identifying areas of improvement for his students; allowing him to design a personalised tutoring plan for his students to achieve academic success and excellence.

Class Offering

My Teaching Specialty is in Primary and Secondary Chinese covering Chinese Language, Higher Chinese and Key Exams Preparation such as PSLE and 'O' Levels.

Primary School Chinese Language

A core foundational level that will set your child ready for listening, speaking, reading and writing for life.

Primary School Higher Chinese

Foundational level for students with a higher aptitude and strong interest in the Chinese language. This will advance their critical thinking skills to help tackle more challenging exam questions.

Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE)

For PSLE students that need the extra boost in tackling exam questions in oral, composition, comprehension etc.

Secondary School Chinese Language

Advance level to equip and cultivate students with a good mastery of Chinese language for frequent use.

Secondary School Higher Chinese

Advance level to equip students to a higher standard of assessment, critical thinking and a wider range of vocabulary.

Secondary School Exam ('O' Levels)

For 'O' Levels students that needs the extra boost in tackling exam questions in oral, composition, comprehension etc.

Tuition Platforms

There are now 2 Tuition Platforms available depending on your needs.

Private 1-1 Physical Tuition are offered at the comfort of the student's home, reducing travelling time for both parent and child.

Due to the COVID pandemic, this option is now available to reduce disruptions to learning. We use Zoom video conferencing.

Why Private Chinese Tuition?

To help you assess between private and group tuition, below are some of our views on private tuition.



1. Personalised Tutoring Plan

  • Unlike a group tuition classes, private tuition provides the freedom for the tutor to tailor a tutoring plan specially to suit your child’s learning pace and needs.
  • A less stressful learning process for your child – No added pressure to keep up with the rest of the class and tutor can provide more time and attention to areas of improvement.

2. 100% Attention from Tutor

  • Undivided attention and focus given to your child will enable the tutor to quickly better identify areas of improvement and provide a targeted approach to the learning.
  • A less stressful environment for children who are less likely to ask questions in class when they have doubts.
  • Get accurate feedback from the tutor on the learning progress of your child!

3. Convenient and Less Time Consuming

  • Let your child enjoy the process of learning in the comfort of his own home! Parents are welcome to join in the class!
  • Save on the logistics and time of sending your child to a tuition class.
  • Flexibility on arranging a replacement class in event of missed classes.


1. Cost

  • Group tuition classes enjoy economies of scale due to their size. However, with “pay as you use” fee format, you will never again have to worry about missed lessons and difficulties in arranging for replacement classes!

2. Over-Reliance on Tutor

  • There is the risk of over dependency on the tutor for learning and less reliant on self discovery. However, this can easily be overcome by developing a keen interest in the language and its culture; thereby sparking the curiosity of your child to discover more about the language independently!

In conclusion, there are many differing views on the pros and cons of private and group tuition. Still sitting on the fence? It is important to first understand your child’s learning preference and ability. After that, the decision would be obvious.

      Some Factors to Consider:

  • Does your child excel in a group tuition class environment?
  • Does friendly competition in a group tuition class environment spur your child to perform better in the language?
  • Is your child having difficulties keeping up with the learning pace in a group tuition class environment?
  • When in doubt, does your child feel intimidated to ask questions in a group tuition class environment?
  • Does your child easily lose focus by distractions in a group tuition class environment?

Why Choose Me?

My Experience and Achievements


Over 30 years of experience teaching and tutoring Chinese Language. Ex-Head of Department (Chinese Language) of Kong Hwa Primary School - A Special Assistant Plan (SAP) school in Singapore.

In-Depth Knowledge

Extensive in-depth knowledge of the MOE Chinese Language syllabus and Chinese examination papers set for overseas tutoring assignment recognised as PSLE equivalent examination paper.

MOE Recognition

Selected by MOE and seconded to Australia (Perth) under a MOE-MINDEF collaboration to tutor Chinese Language to the children of military personnel based there.

Transparent Fee Structure

No Hidden Cost!

No Agent Fees, No Deposits, No Monthly Upfront Lumpsum Tuition Fees!

Pay after each class!


We would love to address your concerns to the frequently asked questions.

Get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the classes offered!