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Mr Sim is one of the leading Ministry of Education (MOE) trained educator in Singapore with over 30 years of experience teaching Chinese Language in Singapore and Australia.


He is an ex-Head of Department (HOD) for Chinese Language in Kong Hwa Primary School - a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in Singapore. He has taught children from a diverse background and learning aptitude.


He is a firm believer of forming a strong foundation and nurturing a keen interest in the language through the use of creative and innovative teaching aids/methods. Equipped with a strong foundation and interest in the language, students will be more confident and proficient in using the language in their daily interactions in and out of the classroom.


Combining his love for the language and interest in IT, he developed the first Primary School Chinese Language E-Learning platform and teaching aid to facilitate innovative classroom learning for students. He was even invited by MOE to share his experience in creating this innovative E-Learning tool to other educators in Singapore.


With his in depth knowledge and expertise in teaching of the Chinese Language, he was selected by MOE for an overseas assignment to Australia - Perth under a MOE-MINDEF collaboration to tutor Chinese Language to the children of military personnel based there. While in Perth, Mr Sim had to set his own examination papers for the various levels of students he tutored. Notably, the Primary 6 examination papers set by him was not only recognised but used by MOE as a PSLE-equivalent examination paper for the children of military personnel based in Australia and USA.


How It All Started

Having taught thousands of students over the years, Mr Sim recognised that not all students are the same and each student is unique; each possessing different level of learning aptitude and abilities.


In his time as a HOD, he has on many occasions witnessed how teachers being constraint to the curriculum and standardised teaching pace, resulting in students suffering in class; some students would be struggling to keep up with the rest of the class while others getting restless with the pace of a standardised learning environment.


In an chanced opportunity to be sent on an overseas assignment to tutor children of Singaporean military personnel based in Australia - Perth, he had the opportunity to personalise the teaching plan for each student and noted how each child could excel in the learning of the language base on an environment customised based on their learning aptitude and pace.


Upon returning to Singapore in 2008, he therefore decided to leave MOE with the aim to help more students by offering a range of personalised tutoring services to not only help students with difficulties in learning the language but also to push students wanting to excel to reach their fullest potential.

Education & Achievements

  • Certification in Education (Teacher Training College)
  • National Day Honours Recipient (The Efficiency Medal) in Recognition for Contribution to Singapore Education
  • Ex-Head of Department for Chinese Language in Kong Hwa Primary School - a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in Singapore
  • Selected for Overseas Assignment to Australia - Perth under a  MOE-MINDEF Collaboration

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