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About Online Tuition


Why Online Tuition?

2020 was a year of disruptions where schools and tuitions were forced to close due to the COVID pandemic. However, learning cannot stop due to the pandemic! Fortunately, the proliferation of video conferencing has enabled classes to continue online. Thus from June 2020, we started offering online tuition to students who wish to continue with their learning.

As students become more comfortable and familiar with online tuition, there could be reasons or occasions in future that you are unable to open up your home for physical home tutoring, your child can still continue tuition classes virtually online. However, we recommend this option only for students who are proficient with the use of computers.

Which Online Platform?

We have chosen Zoom video conferencing as the platform for online face-to-face tuition because:

  • It can be easily downloaded free of charge onto either a laptop of a handphone.
  • Uncomplicated and user-friendly interface which is easy to use that provides a seamless experience switching from physical to virtual online tuition.
  • Many parents are familiar with the use of the program from their work experiences and thus able to help their children with it if necessary.

15 minutes prior commencement of the class, a zoom invite will be sent to you for the online tuition class. Teaching materials and exercises will also be sent to you during the week via email.

Finally, for tuition to be effective, we recommend attending classes at least once a week for a minimum duration of 1.5 hours. Requests for extra classes is also possible during school break or before examinations (subject to availability).

Benefits of Online Tuition


No Disruption

No more disruption to learning due to COVID lockdowns and heighten restrictions. All classes can now continue - rain or shine, lockdowns or no lockdowns.


Flexible 1 to 1 Tutoring

Enjoy flexibility in not only customising a targeted tutoring plan to focus on areas of improvements but also having tuition from anywhere in the world (or even in the comforts of your own home)!


Technological Skill

Through online tuition, students not only learn about the subject being tutored but also important technological skills like video conferencing and some Microsoft office skills which will be useful in his education journey.


No Troublesome Logistics

Eliminates time-consuming and troublesome logistics of traveling between home and tuition centre. Make use of precious time saved more efficiently on mastering and improving other subjects.

The Tutor

Mr Sim is one of the leading Ministry of Education (MOE) trained educator in Singapore with over 30 years of experience teaching Chinese Language.

As an ex-Head of Department for the Chinese Language in a renowned Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in Singapore, he is well versed in the MOE Chinese Language syllabus and experienced in identifying areas of improvement for his students; allowing him to design a personalised tutoring plan for his students to achieve academic success and excellence.

His specialty is in Primary and Secondary School tuition, offering Private Tuition Classes for Chinese Language, Higher Chinese Language and Key Exams Preparation such as for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and the 'O' Levels Examinations. He is patient, passionate and dedicated in nurturing students to excel in Chinese Language.

Get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the classes offered!