Chinese Private Tuition Singapore


About Private 1-1 Tuition

Who is it for?

For students who require more help on the Chinese language, private 1-1 tuition will provide them with the dedicated attention they require from the tutor. All classes and teaching materials can also be personalised to the learning aptitude and pace of the student.

The Tuition Syllabus

All our class offerings are designed closely to the MOE Chinese syllabus so that students do not become confused between what is taught in school and during tuition. Being aligned to the MOE syllabus also ensure that the students will not be unnecessarily stressed by the overloading of unnecessary materials for the subject.

  • For Primary School, we aim to develop a strong foundation in the Chinese Language by focusing on the 6 aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing and interaction skills (spoken and written interaction skills). With a strong foundation, students will thus have the confidence to use the language regularly in his daily life and excel in it.
  • For Secondary School, we aim to develop mastery and keen interest in the Chinese Language by focusing on enhancing communication skills, incorporating various literary works to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the language and creating opportunities for the use of the language through the use of  current affairs materials. This will thus enrich the student's learning and help them understand the importance and relevance of the language outside the classroom.

Benefits of Private 1-1 Tuition


Personalised Tutoring  Plan

Recognising that all children are different, we will tailor a tutoring plan to suit the learning aptitude and pace of your child. Eg. Allocating more time and attention on areas of improvements. Teaching materials, exercises, homework and mock exams are also prepared according to the child’s proficiency in the language.


Undivided Attention

Your child will receive undivided attention by the tutor and therefore enabling the tutor to quickly and accurately identify areas of improvement and provide a targeted approach to the learning.


Save Time on Travelling

Private tuition classes are conducted in your home hence no time is wasted on travelling and no troublesome fetching logistics to worry about.


Comforts of your Own Home

Comparing to a group class, it is definitely a less stressful environment for learning; making the learning process more enjoyable. Moreover, we welcome parents or grandparents (FOC) to join in to the class and learn together with your child!

The Tutor


Mr Sim is one of the leading Ministry of Education (MOE) trained educator in Singapore with over 30 years of experience teaching Chinese Language.

As an ex-Head of Department for the Chinese Language in a renowned Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in Singapore, he is well versed in the MOE Chinese Language syllabus and experienced in identifying areas of improvement for his students; allowing him to design a personalised tutoring plan for his students to achieve academic success and excellence.

His specialty is in Primary and Secondary School tuition, offering Private Tuition Classes for Chinese Language, Higher Chinese Language and Key Exams Preparation such as for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and the 'O' Levels Examinations. He is patient, passionate and dedicated in nurturing students to excel in Chinese Language.

Get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the classes offered!