Secondary School Chinese Tuition Singapore

Learning Objective


Equipped with the strong foundation acquired in Primary School, for Secondary School Chinese tuition, in line with the MOE’s syllabus, we focus to:

  1. Make learning the language more interesting and relevant to today’s society;
  2. Cultivate mastery in the language by fostering more proficient and frequent use of the language.

These could be achieved through the following 3Cs:

  • Communication – Building on the 6 aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing, oral interaction and written interaction skills acquired in Primary School, further develop student’s mastery and confidence in the usage of the language in daily life.
  • Culture – Through the incorporation and exposure to various cultural and literary works in school, students learn to better understand and appreciate the cultural aspect of the language and thereby enhancing their awareness to global cross-cultural issues.
  • Connection – Encourage students to engage in discussion of contemporary issues as well as recent current affairs. This will enrich the way students learn the language and allow them to realise how the language is important and relevant even outside of the classroom.

Teaching Methods

Bilingual Teaching

With predominantly English speaking families in Singapore, the use of English to teach and explain difficult to understand Chinese vocabulary and content to students have proven effective for many students.

Building on Vocabulary and Idioms

Central to the effective learning of the Chinese language is to a strong focus on building on the recognition and understanding of Chinese vocabulary and idioms.

Holistic Learning

Learning of the Chinese language should be meaningful by developing the interest of the language through incorporation of cultural and current affairs elements into the lesson and promoting the use of the language effectively and efficiently in daily life.

Developing Key Examination Skills

Developing Language Application, Composition Writing, Oral and Listening Comprehension skills as well as Critical thinking skills to tackle the more challenging examination questions. Familiarisation of the examination paper format through mock exam practises to reduce examination anxiety and focus the mind on answering the examination questions.

Secondary 1 - 2 Tuition


The progress from Primary School to Secondary School Chinese Language is a steep one.

The main focus will therefore be to ensure a smooth transition into the new syllabus as well as getting used to the introduction of the various cultural, literary works as well as contemporary issues and current affairs in the learning of the Chinese Language.

Personalised tuition classes, focusing on areas of improvement, will therefore help student through this transition period and subsequently excel in the subject in school.

Teaching materials, exercises, homework and mock exams are provided according to the level of the students.

Secondary 3 - 4 Tuition


The main focus of upper Secondary will be familiarisation to the O Level examination format and continue sharpening critical thinking, problem solving and various other Chinese Language skills aimed at analysing and answering the different components in the following section of the examination:

Paper 1

  • Composition – Hone creative writing skills as well as organisational skills in elaboration and construction of introduction, body and conclusion of essay.

Paper 2

  • Cloze Passage – Analytical skill to assess and interpret the context and content of the passage provided and choosing the correct answer.
  • Reading Comprehensions – Analytical and critical thinking skills in answering evaluative comprehension questions based on the theme of the passage.

Paper 3

  • Oral Conversation – Learn and practise how to have a meaningful conversation with the examiner based on a short video clip.
  • Listening Comprehension – Learn and practise how to effectively identify key information from a recording to answer factual, summary and inferential questions.

Teaching materials, exercises, homework and mock exams are provided according to the level of the students.

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